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Rocky Mountain High

In the two months since my first post on this blog, I’ve traveled home to Mississippi from an extended visit with my sister’s family in Denver, loaded up a U-Haul truck with everything I own, and moved with my dad from my childhood home to a small town on the outskirts of Grand Junction, Colorado. It’s been a whirlwind sixty days spent on the road and in hotel rooms, and I’m comfortably settled into my beautiful new home now, but I (somewhat naively) expected this move to be The Grand Turning Point in my life… and I’d be lying if I told you it’s lived up to that expectation so far.

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In Musings

Welcome to Her Future History

There’s a certain peace that comes with starting something new. There’s a certain anxiety and fear, too, but the peace is what I revel in. The idea that this “new” thing, whatever it may be, is largely undefined by judgements or preconceived notions. That it’s open and inviting and it can become anything at all you want it to be.

I’m Sammie, a twenty-something writer, wanderlust-er, and lover of coffee with dreams too big for my shoes. This blog is my “new”.

The life that I lead now is my future history, and this is me welcoming you along for the ride.

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